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20120208 release! [Release]

Abi Bah (Sweden) - Flanking Path EP

01 Flanking Path - Original
02 Flanking Path - Cari Lekebush Remix
03 Barnyard - Original
04 Barnyard - SERi Remix
05 Bald Echo - Original

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*Alex bau : probably cari`s mix will make it to my playlist couple of times, but nice ep in general!
*Satoshi Fumi : Flanking Path - Cari Lekebush Remix and Barnyard - SERi Remix for my set! quality sounds with tech groove.full support:))
*Go Hiyama : My favorite is Barnyard - SERi Remix. It's groovy and beautiful!
*Renny Foster : Interesting stuff. Like flanking path Original and Cari's mix both. I will DL the rest and give it a try.
*Erphun : Cari L. remix is pretty cool... will test that one out! Tnx :)
*Unjin : Flanking Path - Original and Cari Lekebush Remix are both amazing!super nice production! i'll put one in my next mixset.
*Ricardo Garduno : Very nice release, very Solid, big support! thanks!
*Do Shock Booze : Amazin!Flanking Path - Original is forbidden dub!! I love that tribal quantize!
*DJ Testuya : Like Bald Echo and Barnyard. Nice phat groove!!
*M.Fukuda : Cari Lekebush & SERi remix is brilliant! Love it!
*Iori Wakasa : Great stuffs!Especially SeRi mix is for me :) Thx!
*DJ Moto : Absolutely Cari Lekebusch's was the best for me.

Abi bah

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